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👋👋 I know I haven’t updated this page since November because I was trying to draft something and then had RL stuff kick off which interrupted my flow, then I tried to carry on drafting that something for a while but then gave up a few months ago while sat on 100k words. Soooo, seems like I’d better finish that something.

Anyway, I’ve realised that while I have no problem writing, I have a massive problem finishing stuff. And there’s not much you can do with unfinished stories. I literally have an 80k manuscript that’s incomplete and 100% abandoned, a 100k manuscript that’s incomplete but don’t want to abandon and a start to something new. The latter two I’ve decided to post on inkitt along with the old GD and TWW manuscripts. I won’t be writing sequels to them, unfortunately, but they’re both reposted up there. Along with recent unfinished work. I know inkitt have a publishing contest but I’m not interested in that bit. But from what I’ve seen, you aren’t obliged to enter? Just going to treat it like some portfolio, record of writing thing and see if I have a slightly better experience on there than I did on that other place. 🤷‍♀️


Cheerleaders and verbal abusers to help me finish stuff is much, much appreciated.

Subscriber problem solved!!!!!

So, when I was updating earlier, I noticed that I had lost all my subscribers from when I moved my self hosted wordpress to WordPress.com AND I PANIIICCKKKEEEDD. I spent ages looking through the databases for my subscriber list but there was nothing. But after a quick email to the jetpack people, they’ve managed to restore it in literally a few minutes! I thought for sure everyone was gone!

Panic over. Nobody needs to resubscribe now 🤣 I can’t believe how easily they fixed this TBF. Anyway, I posted earlier about random ramblings that will probably bore everyone to death. But if anyone is feeling brave enough… *Points below*

The Water Weaver Available to Read (for free)


(Beware, much rambling underneath… 😂)

So I said a few months back I was going to shelve TWW for eternity… … and eternity ended up being a few months. I was on holiday in Croatia for two weeks, and all the ships and water there made me want to pick it back up (plus the Croatian language reminds me of Yoshka’s quite a lot 😉). I’ve read through it with word read aloud and cleaned up any typos from the different drafts. I don’t think I will continue the trilogy at this point, unless it ever gets published because honestly it makes me too sad 😂 I did start a new version of The Fire Weaver that I really love and I would love to work on it, but I think at this point it’s better for me to work on new stuff. And I do have a “new stuff” that is suppppeeeerrr shiny but I want to take my time developing it properly before writing. Continue reading “The Water Weaver Available to Read (for free)”

June Update (The Hug Your Writing Buddies Update)

How freaky, it’s exactly 2 months since my last update! I didn’t realise until I logged in specifically to write this update. So, I think in my last update, I mentioned having my finals and deciding to focus on my new project that’s loosely based off Glass Dragons. My finals are now over from exactly two weeks today!

Unfortunately, final-year university exams and writing don’t mix too well together so it’s only really been in these past two weeks that I’ve properly got down to business. Overall, this year has been really hectic for me – online and offline (with so much coursework etc through the year) so it’s little wonder I’ve managed to fit much writing in. Continue reading “June Update (The Hug Your Writing Buddies Update)”

A Much Needed Update

So, I’ve been silent for a while because I’ve been busy with writing (and coursework and now my final year exams next month X__X). A few people have recently reached out to me, asking me to keep you updated and I’ve had dozens of questions about where my work is available.

I just want to take a moment to clear this commonly asked question. At the moment, the only place my work is available is on my hard drive/notebooks. After all that happened, that’s the only place I trust. Also, by not posting online, I’m free to edit as I go along, write at my own pace and everything feels more fluid (i.e. I’m not committed to keeping anything the same). Continue reading “A Much Needed Update”


Hello all, I wiped out all my social media a week ago because I wanted to get away from this drama. While I’m touched that people are concerned over the way wattpad removed me without warning, I do not want to fight the author in question and have never tried to do so. Last week, it was only the company itself I went up against for a reason. Continue reading “Notice”

Another Snippet from TWW (draft 3)!

Glyn let go of my hand then and we were both silent, though it was not an uncomfortable silence. He stared at the wall somewhere behind me, and I stared into the flickering candle which sat on the table before us. I sniveled a little but he didn’t say anything about it and after a while, I looked back up at him. He would always tease me relentlessly but somehow – maybe just in this moment – I felt comfortable sitting here with him. He wasn’t scared of me or my magic and he didn’t hate me for it either, and that made me feel a little less alone. Continue reading “Another Snippet from TWW (draft 3)!”

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