An Excerpt From My New Project

Obviously I want to write this new project (still untitled, lol) over a very long period of time so everything is subject to change. But I have written a bit of the start to get a feel for it, and I thought I would share a scene from near the beginning with you all πŸ™‚

Although I don’t have an overall title, the first chapter (which this scene is from) is currently called “Under A Blood Red Moon”.


After that, I didn’t dare run into anyone else since the sun was lowering with each breath. I focused on weaving through the maze of sloped roofs and glanced up at the sky every so often.

It was when my eyes were glued to the darkening heavens that I smacked into a towering jade wall, and the medicine bag flew out of my hands.

Except, I realised upon opening my eyes, it wasn’t a jade wall at all but a young man wearing jade robes which flowed from his frame. Since I knew everyone from the village, I instantly recognised him as a stranger. But a most curious stranger.

He held himself with the pride of the ancient generals I had seen painted in books, and his every movement held the grace of an immortal. No, he didn’t just seem like an immortal – he was one.

It was the dragon embroidered onto the back of his robes which marked him as from the order of the jade dragon. Of course, I had never met one of these mythical peacekeepers before, so I was only guessing from the stories Papa had told me. But seeing how ethereal he looked, it was hard to believe he was from anywhere but the order of the jade dragon.

Between him being the most handsome man I had ever met – though granted that wasn’t many men since I’d never strayed far from the village – and him being an immortal, my jaw hung open for far longer than it should have. Though it probably shouldn’t have at all. Realising how ridiculous I must have looked, I clamped my mouth shut as quickly as I could. But this only worsened my predicament since my teeth clashed together.

My cheeks warmed. Then, as I remembered I’d walked straight into him and had not yet apologised for it, both my ears and cheeks boiled.

I dared to meet his eyes, if only for a moment. He arched an eyebrow but otherwise, he just held his face like a stern statue. He didn’t look angry, I decided, but he didn’t look too happy either. Seeing how his figure towered over me, I figured it best to apologise. Quickly.

But, of course, my throat decided to close up at that moment. I coughed a few times until it cleared. “Sorry, sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

I trailed off as he turned around, not even once blinking at my words. Yet, surprisingly, he did speak as he started away.

“You dropped something.” And that was all he said in that emotionless tone of his.

I stared at the retreating dragon drawn into the back of his jade robes. He was no doubt a statue but more specifically, he was one carved from ice – if his tone was anything to go by.

It took me another moment to realise he’d been referring to Mrs. Liu’s medicine which was in a dirty puddle. I pulled a face at my sour luck and wiped the paper bag on my plain dress, which was nowhere near as majestic as the robes this jade immortal wore.

“Excuse me!” I called after him, realising that I could only refer to him as ‘this jade immortal’. “May I please ask what your name is? I’ve never met an immortal before.”

He continued for several strides without stopping and I thought I would never get to learn his name. But to my surprise, he paused for just a single breath and glanced back over his shoulder. “Li Shao.”

“Li Shao,” I repeated quietly, mostly to myself. “I’m Yulan! I mean, Lu Yulan.”

I groaned, realising how informally I had just introduced myself to this mystical warrior and then groaned for a second time when he continued out of sight, not even once acknowledging my name.

In every moment since I’d walked into him, I’d been so ridiculous. I smacked my forehead. The only saving grace was that I would never meet Li Shao ever again. He’d be long on his way to doing immortal things – like fighting demons and maintaining peace throughout the mortal realm. Then he’d be back to the immortal realm, since as Papa had told me, immortals never stayed in the mortal realm for very long. And when they did, it was good reason.

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  1. Ah! I love this so far! Yulan is so awkwardly endearing and the tidbits of world building in the excerpt are incredibly interesting. Also I love the line “I instantly recognized him as a stranger.” It’s a great play on words.

    I can’t wait to read more, if you decide to post more, of course. Good luck with the writing! It sounds fabulous so far! πŸ’š


    1. Ahhh, thank you so much, Penny! ❀❀ *Big hugs* you totally made my day with your lovely comment and how quickly you read it too! Definitely motivated me to continue but I really want to focus on mandarin so I can access more cultural tidbits (and naming haha)

      I do have another scene where Shao is convinced that Yulan is a demon so I might post that one at some point ^^ ❀


  2. I love your writing so much. Im always a little sad thay you wont be finishing the Weaver books i understand why and was almost about to be a victim of it myself and once i saw this blog I stopped writing on Wattpad.


  3. I am just now reading this and I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t seen this sooner. Everything was just so captivating and intriguing, my thoughts and curiosity were flying everywhere trying to get a hold of whats happening, and the theories β€” I couldn’t stop the theories from flowing! I loved every secund of this little script! It makes me excited to read more of this project and what it would come out to be in the future! You’ve written everything so stunningly that I just want to get inside that brain of yours and see what goes on in it! I don’t know how you wrote that the way you did but you did it well to the point I can’t help but stop and stare in awe. Your writing style is stunning and every word was written in such description that I seen everything as if it were a scene from a playing movie screen!

    And I loved how you portrayed Shao in this , he just seemed so obvious and chill to everything that is going o around him! His this very mysterious and chill character and all I want is to unlock all his secrets for myself to share and put them on display! I know we will be seeing more of him! ( I know a ship when I see one) and honestly I am just the more excited about his character than anything else! I can’t wait until this project is finished and published so I can read more of this world I haven’t read before!


  4. Oh and I forgot.

    Everything about Shao just makes him even more hot and intriguing in my eyes! I haven’t felt attracted to a fiction character in so long as I do him! I love how mysterious and ‘chill’ he is! I can already tell that Yulan will have a hard time getting past the walls he’s built over himself.

    But he is ‘kind of’ hot. 😏

    I can’t wait the read more about him!


    1. What about Glyn? Glyn is sad now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      No but I really want to work on this story but my plot isn’t really formed and I feel like I should finish the weavers off completely and then move onto this world for good instead of jumping between them both.


  5. And I don’t care if I have to wait until I am forty and have grey hair for this book, I will wait and be patient and hen it doesn’t come out my forty year old self will come running through all the shelves of my library to make sure I get a copy!!

    I loved how nonchalant he was throughout the chapter — it just makes me want to know him more! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


  6. I almost couldn’t guess which story the new draft was from untill I saw Shao’s name. The new excerpt is so different from anything from the old book. It sounds like it has more work going into it. The irony of Yulan’s sentence about not seeing Shao again is putting a smile on my face. This is going to be interesting. Keep up the good work.


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