Hello all, I wiped out all my social media a week ago because I wanted to get away from this drama. While I’m touched that people are concerned over the way wattpad removed me without warning, I do not want to fight the author in question and have never tried to do so. Last week, it was only the company itself I went up against for a reason.

I want to make this very clear now that I do not condone the way this has gone on twitter and after seeing this, I have stepped in to silence this. I was over this a week ago and I would appreciate it if people could respect my decision. Please let us all end this and let everyone move on with their lives.

Thanks for all your support over the matter, but I want to focus on myself now and getting published. This has definitely made me realise the dangers of posting important work online and I wish I had not thought myself immune to this. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do, which is why I removed my work (before my account itself was deleted). I had intended to use the account in question as a way to maintain the relationships with my readers that I had built over the past two years and while I am hurt that this was taken from me without warning, I would like to end this now so I can move forward and start over.

Thank you all.

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  1. I wish you all the luck in getting published! I hope one day i’ll get to have one of your books in my hands, it would be an honor 😄


  2. Bruh I was about ready to put up a fight 😂 but I do respect your decision and I do see where you’re coming from when you say you want to put all this behind you and move on. Sometimes it’s better to keep looking forward and not worry about what’s behind you ❤


    1. Exactly, what they did to me was downright awful but there’s nothing to be done about it. I can only keep looking and moving forward ❤


  3. *prints out an image of wattpad, and throws stuff at it*

    I was wondering why your profile was missing.. I will miss you forever on wattpad but I’m glad you got away from how they were treating you.


  4. It’s really bad on Wattpad part to do that. They are turning out to be commercial now a days.. it’s good that you thought about this means of communication.. Please let us know when you publish this book. Really missed the story


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