A Rather Jealous Glyn (TWW Snippet)

Someone on wattpad once asked me, “Why is Inna always the one who gets jealous? Why not Glyn for once?” I can’t remember who said that, but you’re right! It’s so not fair on poor Inna, and Glyn certainly deserves a taste of his own teasing. That’s why this following snippet is dedicated to you – whoever it was that pointed this out! 😊

“How long are you gonna be in denial, Nessie? We both know you want me as much as I want you. Why can’t you just admit how much you fancy me?”

Because I had too much pride. And mostly, I loved how it frustrated him. “You’re always so fixated on that, Captain. If you were really so sure of my feelings, then you wouldn’t need confirmation, would you?”

“I know you like me,” he said. “I don’t need confirmation.”

“Oh, but how can you be so sure? Perhaps I have a childhood sweetheart back in Yoshka. Perhaps that’s why I’m so desperate to return. Maybe I killed the man they wanted me to marry so I could run off with my true love.”

He paused, watching me for a moment. “You’re lying.”

“If you truly believe I’m lying, then why do you look so worried, Captain? Of course, as a princess, I had so many suitors vying for my attention. All sorts of young lords to choose from. Not that I would ever choose any over my dear friend, Andrei Ivanovich. You know, he is both excellent in poetry and he can play the piano, the violin and the harp. He would often teach me how to play instruments in the palace, and the sunset would shine through the arched window before us – ”

Glyn had heard enough apparently, since he tackled me over. My hat flew off and my hair spilled out across the sand. He pinned my wrists down, keeping me beneath him but I didn’t struggle like usual. Instead, I was too busy giggling at his expression. He looked so unhappy over my invented lover, and I hadn’t expected teasing him would be this entertaining. It was certainly well deserved.

“Tell me you’re lying, Inessa,” he murmured, his voice almost a breath.

I wasn’t sure what possessed me right then, but I fluttered my eyelashes at him. “Oh, but I’m not. Andryusha has me all to himself.”

He stilled. Maybe I was starting to convince him that Andrei was real.

“What’s the matter, Emrys? Dryusha isn’t making you all jealous, is he?”

“Course I’m jealous: I want you all to myself. I reckon you’re messing with me and there’s no Andrei.”

“And what if he is real, Captain? What would you do then?”

“Then I’d plunder you.”

“Plunder me?” I choked. “Why does that sound so terribly improper?”

“And how we’re lying ain’t terribly improper?”

“You’re right. Andrei certainly wouldn’t approve of this.” I lifted his hands from my wrists and pushed him over. He grabbed my arm and we tumbled down the dune together, sand coating us both. I pinned his shoulders down before he had the chance to do that to me.

“I’d say he’d approve even less of this,” Glyn said, flicking away my hair as it brushed into his eyes. “And he’s not real anyway, is he?”

It seemed he really was starting to worry and I couldn’t help grinning. “Well, I suppose you’ll never know either way, will you?”

He scowled, though I could tell he wasn’t all that serious. It disappeared when I traced my fingertips across the scar on his cheek, continuing down to the corner of his mouth. When I stopped, he snatched my hand and pressed my fingers to his lips. Though he didn’t kiss them, his warm breath tickled my skin. “I didn’t think you’d be such a tease, Nessie.”

“You’re still far worse than me,” I said.

“Aye well, that’s true.”

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  1. reading about your experiences in writing and these little snippets have inspired me to continue writing my book even though im not happy with it and who knows mabye one day I will get to be a published author so thanks for the motivation 😁


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