Subscriber problem solved!!!!!

So, when I was updating earlier, I noticed that I had lost all my subscribers from when I moved my self hosted wordpress to AND I PANIIICCKKKEEEDD. I spent ages looking through the databases for my subscriber list but there was nothing. But after a quick email to the jetpack people, they’ve managed to restore it in literally a few minutes! I thought for sure everyone was gone!

Panic over. Nobody needs to resubscribe now 🤣 I can’t believe how easily they fixed this TBF. Anyway, I posted earlier about random ramblings that will probably bore everyone to death. But if anyone is feeling brave enough… *Points below*

2 thoughts on “Subscriber problem solved!!!!!

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  1. Where are you? Just been wondering what was up, as I’ve been a huge fan of your books since the end of the original manuscript of The Ice Weaver. Hope you’re doing alright, and continue to pursue your obvious gift in writing!

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    1. Heyyy, I’m still writing. I was just doing it offline and writing lots of words but failing to finish drafts 🤣🤣 I’ve been thinking about to try out inkitt for a while, I uploaded stuff yesterday and I’ll probably write a blog post about it at some point:


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