Who am I?

My name is Holly and I joined an online writing site called wattpad in Dec 2015. I gained over 5 million combined reads and over 200k followers, and was a member of the wattpad stars programme.

Due to the website caring more about their reputation than their writers, I left the programme. I have also reflected that during the past two years, I’ve caused myself too much unnecessary stress and now want to take the time to enjoy a massive research phase for my newest project.

As such, I am currently studying Mandarin (focusing on simplified hanzi first) and aim to be able to understand Chinese dramas and their corresponding novels as soon as I possibly can!

The purpose of this blog is to keep in contact and maintain the relationships I build with my readers during my time there. I will also be including my mandarin studies, various writing tips and excerpts of my latest project – as well as raving about Chinese dramas.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to comment or contact me at any time either. 🙂

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