Conflict 101

Is your story boring? Are you struggling to stay interested in what you’re writing? If so, then you might not have enough conflict to keep yourself and your readers engaged.

What is conflict? Conflict is the driving force of your novel. Without conflict, we can’t have a story. And piling on that conflict will make for a better story.

Goal: Your protagonist wants something (goal) but they can’t have it -> that right there is your primary conflict. The journey of a novel is them struggling to achieve this goal while we (the author) throw obstacles at them. To have conflict, the reader needs to know what the protagonist’s goal is. Do they want to escape? Do they want to save someone? To want to see the character achieve their goal, the reader needs to know why they want it. They need to know what the consequences will be if they fail. We need to make our reader care. Engage them emotionally. The more important the goal is, the more engaging your conflict and novel will be. Continue reading “Conflict 101”

My Little Home on the Internet

I’ve finally built myself a proper author site! This is going to be my main hub and base of operations. I’ve included links to my other spaces on the internet (tumblr, twitter and facebook – though the latter still needs much work as of writing this post). I’ve also included links to my books and a bit more information in my about me section that you might not have known about me. Continue reading “My Little Home on the Internet”

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