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👋👋 I know I haven’t updated this page since November because I was trying to draft something and then had RL stuff kick off which interrupted my flow, then I tried to carry on drafting that something for a while but then gave up a few months ago while sat on 100k words. Soooo, seems like I’d better finish that something.

Anyway, I’ve realised that while I have no problem writing, I have a massive problem finishing stuff. And there’s not much you can do with unfinished stories. I literally have an 80k manuscript that’s incomplete and 100% abandoned, a 100k manuscript that’s incomplete but don’t want to abandon and a start to something new. The latter two I’ve decided to post on inkitt along with the old GD and TWW manuscripts. I won’t be writing sequels to them, unfortunately, but they’re both reposted up there. Along with recent unfinished work. I know inkitt have a publishing contest but I’m not interested in that bit. But from what I’ve seen, you aren’t obliged to enter? Just going to treat it like some portfolio, record of writing thing and see if I have a slightly better experience on there than I did on that other place. 🤷‍♀️


Cheerleaders and verbal abusers to help me finish stuff is much, much appreciated.

Subscriber problem solved!!!!!

So, when I was updating earlier, I noticed that I had lost all my subscribers from when I moved my self hosted wordpress to WordPress.com AND I PANIIICCKKKEEEDD. I spent ages looking through the databases for my subscriber list but there was nothing. But after a quick email to the jetpack people, they’ve managed to restore it in literally a few minutes! I thought for sure everyone was gone!

Panic over. Nobody needs to resubscribe now 🤣 I can’t believe how easily they fixed this TBF. Anyway, I posted earlier about random ramblings that will probably bore everyone to death. But if anyone is feeling brave enough… *Points below*

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